Some scholars believe that Corot’s Interrupted Reading displays mancholic moods. They explain that this painting was a part of a series of paintings of individual women “works that are introspective in feeling, bold, and decidedly modern in their broad handling of paint.” Interrupted Reading, a painting created in 1870 by Corot, can be interpreted in many ways when considering background information about Corot and the history of the 1870’s: or what the art institute considered to be the popular romantic scene of the time. Through my research I found that most tertiary sources simply gave an overview of Corots life and gave very little if any analysis of the painting itself, which gave me an opportunity to make my own judgment. My interpretation of the painting is a combination of the title, the painting and the ideas of others. I believe the meaning is simple, much like the title. The painting captures that moment when you have something very important on your mind and it interferes with your normal daily activities. I agree partially with the art institute when they explain that this depressing look was attractive in the 1870’s because there must have been a reason that Corot was motivated to paint the picture. Another thing that drew my attention was the colors in the picture. Only the table and the book red the rest of the picture has a boring grey color scheme. I believe Corot did this to show the way the lady was so dazed she just faded into the background, she looks lifeless and boring.